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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Why or why you should not turn off your iPhone during the night

The million dollar question: Do I turn off my iPhone? What silence? Do I leave it in airplane mode? Every time we buy a mobile phone or when we make our year's resolutions, we think about it: this year I get a little less into technology ... and here we are. In these situations it is best to make a list of pros and cons and evaluate globally .

Why should I turn off the iPhone at night

I must confess that I leave my iPhone in airplane mode , so I reduce the exposure to the waves - which by the way has not yet been shown to be harmful to health , but just in case - and at the same time I can activate the iPhone in the blink of an eye.

Are you able to turn off the phone?

The problem is that many people have addiction to the mobile . According to researchers at the University of Granada have studied the nomophobia , or anxiety caused by the absence of our mobile, and yes, if you can not turn it off at night means you're hooked to it.

Disconnect is healthy, but it is also reduce the exposure to noise and lights ensure a better rest because we are exposed to fewer stimuli, so we relax better and sleep is more refreshing .

So for health, take a break and disconnect : your brain, eyes and the rest of your body will appreciate it.

Because it benefits your iPhone

Yes, the iPhone is a mobile cucumber, even if you have the iPhone SE or the iPhone X. But like any other machine, its components have a few hours of operation programmed in their useful life . Therefore, having it on 33% of the day without using it is foolish and unnecessary deterioration.

So turn off your iPhone will extend its useful life and also turn it off causes your terminal to close all processes initiated and turn it on only have the processes under execution, come on, it will go faster.

Why should not I turn off the iPhone at night

What if there is an emergency?

What happens if they call me from work because I'm on duty? What if something happens to my parents? Or my sister? Or my grandmother? Of course, with the phone turned on and configured in the do not disturb mode we will get rid of superfluous notifications and we will be prepared to respond to any emergency. And is that the iPhone is the first phone of many, who do not use their landline or even have not.

I need the iPhone alarm!

Although you know that Radar is the most annoying alarm tone in history , it is your alarm clock and you do not want to lose it. And the iPhone does not wake us up with the terminal turned off , a gross historical error that, like the radio, is already a tradition at Apple.

So you have no choice ... unless you buy a radio alarm clock as people have done all their lives or put the alarm on the zillion electrical appliances that have clock: the oven, TV, tablet ...

I like to sleep with music

What can be more relaxing than sleeping with the Relaxify Spotify list? That is what many seem to think at bedtime, which is why they would never consider sleeping without their beloved iPhone. Although they could also use the clock radio of the previous section that also incorporates auto-off function, an mp3 or a stereo.

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