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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Why the price of the iPhone X start from $ 999

Statistics specialists of the Statista portal compared the cost of the components of the iPhone X and previous generations of iPhones. They have analyzed, so the new flagship of Apple is so expensive.

At the beginning of November, one after another came out the two of the report, talking about costs of the components of the iPhone X. Edition TechInsights, evaluated the production costs of a gadget in 357.50 dollars. Point of reference-the IHS Market company considered that the acquisition of a single constituent elements of the side badge to Apple to 370 dollars.

The statistic experts of the portal represented the graph, it shows the growth in the value of the materials of the different iPhone models in the last six years, since the launch of the iPhone 4S in 2011.

Increased component costs have led to higher prices for the final consumer. The elements of iPhone X spend Apple is almost twice as expensive as the iPhone 4S.

The most expensive component of the new flagship of the company recognized 5.8 inches AMOLED screen of Samsung Display included with the Touch Force sensor, поляризатором and the top of the glass window. The cost of most of the front is around $ 110, of which about $ 70 receives Samsung. Perhaps very soon the South Korean manufacturer will present a report on the record of the highest gain.

The second value of a component became the back panel. It is no wonder that repairing these by doing in the case of breakage will be very expensive. Price reinforced glass kit and stainless steel frame reaches $ 61.

The cost of the components of the iPhone X almost 20% above the pieces of the iPhone 8 Plus. Despite the high price, the model is very popular, which may affect Apple's record sales.

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