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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Why some iPhone X have a green line on the screen

Only a week ago that the iPhone X went on the market, that buyers have been able to enjoy their new terminal. And in those few days you have already found the first failure of the iPhone X and it is on your screen . Something good had to have the iPhone 8 : to be the same as always, they were not going to fail.

Curious that this failure is in the only component developed by Samsung , Apple's biggest competitor, will Samsung sabotaged its OLED panels? Well, as you all know, it's not like that because Samsung makes more money with the iPhone X panel than with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The things in life ...

The iPhone X is green

Every day more cases of this green line that crosses the screen from top to bottom come to light. At least 20 consumers have shared images of their new terminals with a green stripe on the left or right edge of the OLED panel of their terminals.
It happens suddenly

According to the users this line appeared to them while they used the terminal normally , without extreme conditions or previous blows. They define it as a bright green line that extends across the width of the screen.

This line was not visible in the first start of the iPhone X. Some users appeared on the first day of use, others have been appearing throughout these seven days.
No home method solves it

No method applied by users has been effective in correcting this problem: neither formatting nor restoring the terminal. The green line continues to extend through the terminal.

In addition, this registry of damaged terminals, seems to extend throughout the globe : United States, Canada, Poland and Australia, among others. And between the two available models of iPhone X.

Users who have decided to exchange their terminals have been able to do so at no cost . Apple is collecting data from the incidents to investigate this fact thoroughly and determine if it is a hardware or software failure.

Via | MacRumors 

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