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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Why there are no offers of the iPhone X on Black Friday

Unless you live in a bubble, you may have realized that yesterday was Black Friday : online bargains, queues at shopping centers, posters announcing big sales ... in fact, in many places like Amazon they have extended it all week and others will do it until Monday, when the famous Cyber ​​Monday takes place.

In iPadizate we have covered the event offering you great offers that we found on the internet , with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad and accessories at the best possible price. Even the Apple website has started its particular Black Friday with gift cards worth up to 150 euros.

Of course, any eye a little clever will have realized that while we could find the iPhone SE for less than 300 euros, the iPhone 7 less than 500 or the iPhone 8 less than 800, there was no sign of offers for the iPhone X Take the test: you have not seen it or will see it .

The iPhone X offer during Black Friday? Well, it's going to be that

In theory, it does not make much sense that the iPhone 8, which has only been on the market for two months, if it is in promotion and the iPhone X does not. And is that both were presented in the keynote of September 12 almost simultaneously and although they came out a month later, it would be logical to find discounts at both terminals .

Colby Synesael, an analyst at Cowen, explains it this way:

    The iPhone offers of 2017 compared to last year's are lower. In the case of the iPhone X, everything is due to lack of stock.

The analyst explains that it is costing to satisfy the current demand of the iPhone X and that it is now when the shipping time has been reduced to 1-2 weeks but that even so, with the arrival of Christmas, the normal thing is to be cautious to be able to meet the buyers. Another thing will be during the first quarter of 2018, when everything has been regularized . In addition, demand is expected to remain strong both in periods before Christmas, during Christmas and even in the hard January cost.

So basically you do not want to take risks and if you're already selling well at the original price and there is a lack of supply, it does not make sense to speculate with a drop in prices that would put the stock at risk .

In addition, it is possible to sell other iPhone with less pull, because for many the decision has been to buy the iPhone 8 down (or another model such as the iPhone 7 for example) or have to wait several weeks for iPhone X.

Via | BGR 

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