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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Why you should not buy the iPhone 8 if you have an iPhone 7

Everyone who wants to renew their iPhone at this time, has a wide range of possibilities available. And is that starting with the iPhone SE, we have at our disposal also the iPhone 7 , the iPhone 8 and the spectacular iPhone X that currently, though, has a very limited stock in most countries around the world. This article is not intended to be a purchase guide, but we are going to give you a hand to decide why you should not buy the iPhone 8 if you have an iPhone 7 currently .

The iPhone 8 made its debut in the market after an official presentation that Apple did not occupy more than ten minutes , in the keynote where the iPhone X became known worldwide. Despite its careful design and its powerful features, is the ugly duckling of the family, placing itself in an uncomfortable position between an iPhone 7, of which it does not differ in practically anything, and the new iPhone X, with which I can not compete in almost anything, at least of what it calls the user attention.

In order to give you strong reasons not to buy an iPhone 8 with an iPhone 7, I will use my own case. As a personal smartphone I have an iPhone 7 Plus , which I acquired not too long ago at a very good price with which I am delighted and, of course, decided not to change for an iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Plus (799 euros)

One of the few things that have changed is the design. The design of the iPhone 8 has taken a step forward , using glass and further rounding the already beautiful finish that had the iPhone 7. Even with everything does not become the revolutionary design of the iPhone X, which does not make it decisive to give the jump.

iPhone 7 Plus (680 euros)

Another of the improvements introduced by Apple in the iPhone 8 is the processor. The A10 has been replaced by the new A11 Bionic, which according to estimates is up to 25% than its predecessor. This may seem surprising and striking is not so, especially when you realize that with the processor of your iPhone 7 can do everything that is proposed . This is certainly not a strong reason to think about the change.

We continue reviewing the improvements that we find with the iPhone 8, and we see that the camera mounts a sensor faster and with larger dimensions. However, it only remains in that, being a mere evolution of the camera that we find in the iPhone 7 . Just compare photographs taken with both terminals to realize that we will not make a real leap of quality in our photographs by switching devices.
The final verdict

If you have an iPhone 7 the logical change should not be to an iPhone 8 , but to an iPhone X, where we will really notice the improvements at the design, features and especially screen level. In contrast if you currently use an iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6, as there are still many people, the jump to the iPhone 8 can be more than positive, especially if you do not want to spend a fortune on the new smartphone.

I will continue using my iPhone 7 Plus , without looking or reojo the iPhone 8, so promoted and discounted, for example, by some mobile operators, and continue to save to make the jump to the iPhone X, as soon as possible or as soon as there is stock available to not have to wait a few weeks for him.

Do you think it's not worth changing an iPhone 7 for an iPhone 8? 

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