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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why your iPhone does not need an antivirus

The majority of technological devices that we use daily require an antivirus, with the clear objective of avoiding being infected with some of the thousands of viruses that run through the network of networks, for example. However, today we are going to explain to you in a simple and clear way why your iPhone does not need an antivirus , although many people tell you the opposite and every time there is a greater number of these applications in the App Store.

Since the first iPhone came to market, the Cupertino have always presumed that their mobile device, as well as the iPad, were covered by iOS that was created securely at its core . This prevents viruses, but also having to install an antivirus.
iOS does not allow antivirus programs to work

One of the best ways to understand the reason why your iPhone does not need an antivirus, is that the iOS itself does not allow its operation . And is that any antivirus requires "hooks" in the operating system, something that the operating system designed by Apple does not allow. Why do I want an application that does not work?

In a more detailed explanation, the antivirus need those hooks to the operating system to be able to monitor what is happening and thereby detect malware . iOS does not allow antivirus to use these hooks or access points, thanks to its design that separates the applications from the rest of the system, a process popularly known as sandboxing.

This makes iOS has become the safest operating system of all those present in the market, and that has led to many others implement the same design used by the company founded by Steve Jobs.
Keeping iOS updated should be an obligation

From all the above, a very clear conclusion can be drawn and it is essential and imperative to keep iOS updated on our Apple device. And is that Apple releases every so often security updates, which prevent problems and that make us live quietly and without any fear, in regards to our iPhone or iPad.

It is not necessary to spend the day pending updates, nor install them immediately, but if we want to continue living without having to use an antivirus, it does not hurt that we make it mandatory to install the updates that are released from iOS .

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, do not pay attention to all those that tell you that you should install an antivirus or one of the many security applications that exist, and that if you keep your device updated you should not fear for almost nothing . Of course, if you still use iOS 7 or an outdated version for your device, do not be angry the day you see yourself in a serious problem. 

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