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Sunday, 26 November 2017

With this app you will be able to automate tasks on the iPhone and iPad

If there is one thing we like about our devices, it is their ability to help us . On an iPhone we carry, among other things, a music player, GPS, personal computer, phone or camera.

It is true that sometimes we need certain tasks to be done automatically , so we bring you this app with a peculiar name for you to try it.

What does IFTTT offer?

A lot for very little, in fact it's free. IFTTT lets you know when a paid application becomes free, add the photo of NASA's day to your reel or give you the weather forecast for the next day before you go to bed.

The best of all is that IFTTT is integrated with many applications, more than 400 , such as Instagram, Trello, Linkedin, the iOS calendar or Dropbox. In such a way, you can ask him to save your Telegram photos automatically to this cloud service.

Another example may ask you to automatically tweet the YouTube videos you like or share your videos with Blogger. Can one ask for more? Of course, as we have said before there are more than 400 applications that allow working with IFTTT. The best thing is that you explore its possibilities.

Therefore, this app is a true amalgam of unified applets , with which automating certain types of tasks will be very simple.

If we have to find some fault with this application is that, personally, the interface needs "something more". It is effective and very visual , but I do not know, it has a design that does not convince me, but I say a very personal opinion.

The other problem is that it is not in Spanish, only in English. But if you defend yourself in a basic way, you understand very well what each function is for .

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