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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Xiaomi arrives in Spain ... fear in Apple for the iPhone?

Although it had been confirmed for weeks, today the CEO of Xiaomi has officially presented the two new stores of the Chinese brand in Spain and what products they will sell . Of course, great news for Xiaomi fans, who have been buying products for years that are extremely solvent and at a very competitive price .

To date, Xiaomi had no customer service or guarantee in Spain, something that did not seem to be an obstacle for users willing to take risks in exchange for the best price. And in that sense, Xiaomi is simply insurmountable .

They are also terribly versatile: not only have smartphones or wearables but also dare with cameras, scooters, computers, vacuum cleaners ... and so up to only 89 gadgets that make up My Ecosystem .

His arrival is falling : in just a few days they will open their two stores in Xanadu and La Vaguada (Madrid) and we can buy with total security, guarantee and distribution through channels such as Carrefour, Amazon, The Phone House, Mediamarkt among others.

Xiaomi has a short life of just 7 years and the reason for its being has always been to bring innovation to all audiences . Hence its brutal versatility and incredible prices, but also have a reference on the horizon: Apple.

Without going any further, you just have to keep an eye on the design of its stores: open spaces, large screens, rustic and Nordic-looking decoration, wood, metal, glass ... Yes, very Apple. In fact it is not by chance the choice of Xanadu, where Apple installed its first store in Spain .

Does Apple have something to fear with the arrival of Xiaomi?

Apple is intractable in markets like the US, but the Spanish technological ecosystem is very different. On the one hand we can not ignore the income per capita: in Spain the euro is looked at and it is not for less. After all, the average salary of a Spaniard is lower than Apple's flagship , the iPhone X. That's why Android devastates our country. Although that does not serve as an excuse and we saw huge queues for its acquisition on November 3.

The Apple customer seeks quality, design and innovation, but we also recognize that there is a certain halo of snobbishness and posture . But César what is César, if there is something that falls in love with the iPhone user is the simplicity, intuitiveness and security of iOS ... something that Xiaomi can not compete with its layers of Android.

But is that if we compare one brand and another, the differentiation can not be more brutal : Apple has achieved in its customers (and in others that are not) what in economics is known as vertical differentiation, that is, we perceive it as a better brand than Xiaomi, something that differs from horizontal differentiation, in which the choice between one or the other is based on tastes.

So that we understand each other, in perception we are talking about a Porsche versus a Dacia, if you allow me the comparison. It is not so much the usability itself, because in the end a Xiaomi and an iPhone are mobile and the Chinese have a top of the range as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is fabulous, but that the brand image can not be more disparate .

And beware, this is not a criticism of the second Renault brand or Xiaomi , moreover , if you are looking for a mobile for WhatsApp, call, check the mail, surf the internet and you do not care about the fashions, why not spend One hundred euros on a cell phone as good as the Xiaomi Redmi A4? Similarly, it makes no sense to invest in a Porsche to use it to go shopping.

Precisely because of that brutal difference in perception, whoever is going to buy an iPhone will hardly deviate to a brand with such a low profile . Sometimes simply because of prejudice. But with two stores in Spain, more than one and two onlookers will come and discover that even if they are faithful to the iOS of the iPhone, maybe trying other of their gadgets is not such a bad idea. And they will be right.

In short, Apple has nothing to fear with Xiaomi in Spanish territory, but probably other brands of the Android ecosystem if they suffer in their flesh to the Chinese giant. 

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