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Friday, 10 November 2017

Xiaomi will copy the iPhone X on its next mobile

What Apple has achieved with the iPhone X is really incredible. Despite the high price of the device, it has many possibilities to become the company's best selling device. And the truth is, it deserves it, because they have created a really innovative phone that gives a breath of fresh air to a line that had been several years without experiencing a true renewal both in design, as in the very concept of the gadget.

With the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, the company has once again made a difference with respect to other manufacturers. The consequences of this have always been clear to all of us. From now on, the iPhone X will become the role model for its competitors, as it was the first iPhone at the time. And the first company that could have fallen into that trend is the Chinese giant Xiaomi, which in fact already has a certain track record in these matters.

Among everything you could have copied, choose the worst

Last year, the company released one of the best-designed phones that has been seen in recent years, and in fact, managed to set a trend that Sharp could not start when he tried with Aquos, the phones with " infinite screen ". From the appearance of the Mi Mix , lots of manufacturer launched really similar proposals, and among them, some decided to give one more round to the concept, as it happened with Essential and with Apple itself.

However, it seems that the muses have abandoned Xiaomi again, after the filtering of several photos of a possible renewal of Mi Mix 2, seems to have returned to put behind Apple, copying the great defect of the iPhone X, its frown. Hopefully the Chinese company can return to their senses soon, and recover the creativity that managed to create the Mi Mix, as it would be a shame that they rededicate themselves to Apple as before.

What would you like to see of a Mi on an iPhone?

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