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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Yes, I want! They ask you to marry with 25 iPhone X

Chen Ming, a young video game designer from Shenzen, China, recently aroused the envy of iPhone fans around the world, after buying 25 new iPhone X smartphones and organizing them in the form of a heart to propose to his girlfriend.

 To surprise his future wife, Chen Ming booked 25 iPhone X, and, on November 3, he arranged them all with the shape of a heart in a bed of red rose petals, with an engagement ring in the middle . To make sure that his girlfriend did not suspect anything, Chen requested the help of her friends, asking them to take her to the surprise site.

When the innocent girlfriend arrived and saw the luxurious display of luxury phones and Chen posed on her knee holding the engagement ring, she could not help but feel touched by his romantic gesture and accepted his proposal of marriage.

In case you wonder why Chen Ming opted for the iPhone X, he and his girlfriend apparently are big fans of mobile video games . The two met two years ago through a game that Chen had developed and games have been a big part of their relationship ever since. But why 25 of them? Because that number symbolizes her age .

So, what is supposed to be the future wife of luck with the 25 iPhone X? She and Chen decided that 25 is too much for one person, so they were given to the friends who helped to achieve this amazing proposal.

The photos went viral on Chinese social networks , which makes people wonder why someone would spend so much money on a lot of phones when they could have bought a new car or paid a part of a house for the same amount. IPhone X prices start at 8388 yuan in mainland China, which means that Chen must have spent at least 21,000 yuan, about 27,000 euros.

What if she had rejected him? Live to see.

Via | odditycentral 

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