You'll be surprised how hard it is to distinguish between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone X -


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Sunday, 12 November 2017

You'll be surprised how hard it is to distinguish between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone X

The iPhone X has arrived a little over a week ago destroying everything that has been put in front of it : it already sells more than the iPhone 8 - something that on the other hand was not too complicated -, is doing so much damage to Android that several manufacturers they have partnered to try to develop the Face ID on time and Apple likes it so much that they even value implanting its design on the iPad of 2018 .

The shadow of the iPhone X is long and although we are getting used to its peculiar design with that notch that allows facial recognition and wonderful animojis, make us use this mobile only with gestures will cost us. But not all live so up-to-date with current technology .

And it is incredible as it seems, the bulk of mortals hear these things on the news while he is finishing eating, so it is not very clear if it is called iPhone X, iPhone XXX or iPhone Note. And we do not even talk about what it integrates. They only know that Apple is almost a religion and that to say iPhone is synonymous with quality, design and sales success .

In addition, only Apple can afford things like removing the jack or the Touch ID and trendsetter among the competition, so it is assumed that in Cupertino are willing to be disruptive. Come on, that with Apple you can expect the unexpected .

This has been used by the popular showman Jimmy Kimmel in his show for, microphone in hand, assault pedestrians and ask them what they think Apple's latest flagship, the iPhone X. Yes, what they put in their hands was neither more nor less than the iPhone 4 that was launched in 2010. Will they realize or will it look like the pepinazo of the century?

Among the comments that can be heard in the video we hear that it is very ergonomic, good finishes, good image quality (how does it hurt Samsung to confuse its brand new OLED with a display of a decade ago), good camera ... So If Apple has trouble making the iPhone X just over 300 dollars and sells it for four more times, what a rounder business would be to sell these people the iPhone 4 .

One thing is clear: the iPhone X we love, but the iPhone 4 also . And you, are you able to distinguish between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone X or have you fallen into the spell of the size, the glass case and the buttons of the iPhone 4?

Via | BGR 

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