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Friday, 8 December 2017

10 iOS 11.2 innovations that have gone unnoticed

iOS 11 was released on September 19, just a week after its official announcement the keynote. Since then, the sensations have been of all kinds . From people who are delighted from the minute 1 with this operating system, to others who have very negative feelings.

What is certain is that iOS 11 has been presenting various updates since it has been released, some more eye-catching than others. The last one we have is iOS 11.2 , which can be said to be a major update and has managed to give the system consistent stability and some important improvements . Let's see what they are, since some have gone unnoticed by the general public.

Fast charge

You probably have an iPhone 8 series or iPhone X , if it is and you use a wireless charger, you can charge it at 7.5 W.

Apple Pay Cash

Although it is not yet available in Spain or Latin America, we want it to arrive soon, it is now possible in the United States to make payments with this system.

AirPlay 2 protocol

With AirPlay 2 it is possible to connect our device to several accessories at once , such as Apple TV or HomePod.
App Store Search

The most searched applications in the app store are now highlighted in blue .


The truth is that there are no new emojis, but some of them have been redesigned to adjust them better. The small details make the difference .
Control center

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity was somewhat confusing with the issue of deactivating them. Now a warning appears in which it is explained that it is not really deactivated . For the iPhone X have put a line below the battery icons to explain where you need to access it.

Notification bug

The iPhone was constantly restarted during December 2 if a local notification arrived, we notified it here .


New wallpapers for the iPhone are available, both static and dynamic (Live).


She had gone crazy and was not able to make a simple sum like 1 + 2 + 3. He is already a Pythagorean again.


It seems that the management of the battery is now more optimized , although personally I have never found that the battery was a disaster in iOS 11, although I have a device just two months old.

What do you think about iOS 11.2? Is it an OS that convinces you?

Via | applesfera 

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