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Friday, 15 December 2017

10 things to hate from the iPhone X

A few weeks ago I enjoy the iPhone X , which I bought at the race the day it opened on the market, and I admit that without really assessing whether it was worth it or if it was worth the features, specifications or options offered by the new Apple terminal.

In general, I could say that I am not entirely satisfied with the purchase made , and I am going to take this article to tell you 10 things to hate about the iPhone X, which I think not only do I hate, but most of its owners hate them. If you are still evaluating the possibility of acquiring the new iPhone, I do not want to ruin your illusions, but I am going to offer you interesting information to take into account.

The iPhone X is too slippery 

I've never used a case with the different iPhone I've had, but for the first time I'm thinking about it with the iPhone X and it's too slippery to be "bare" . Its precious glass finish makes it an authentic aesthetic wonder, but when it comes to holding it, especially with one hand, it becomes very complicated.

There are already several times that I've fallen from my hands , luckily being on the couch or lying on the bed, but I fear the day I spend in the street, where almost as a rule I have to use with both hands to avoid greater evils.

From the iPhone 4 I do not remember another iPhone that was so slippery and every day every time I remember that iPhone, I just hope that my iPhone X does not end as it ended , sadly stamped on the floor and with the screen broken.

The scratch resistance of the iPhone X is quite low 

To the problems that practically all the users have to avoid that his iPhone X slips of his hands, it is necessary to add the little resistance that has the chassis of the new terminal of Apple to the feared scratches . Although I have pampered and cared for it in a way I would almost say worrying, the frame already has several scratches, which I had never before had on other mobile devices of Cupertino.

A case could solve the two odious problems of the iPhone X that we have already reviewed , but buying a terminal at an exorbitant price, with a careful design even in the smallest detail, to finish putting a case, seems a bit illogical.

The Face ID does not make everything easier and easier 

One of the great innovations that Apple presented in the new iPhone X was the Face ID , which is nothing more than a facial recognition, which replaces the Touch ID that disappears mainly when the start button also disappears.

Unlocking the device with the Face ID is a simple and quick task, but not everything has become easier and easier. For example it is cumbersome to authorize Apple Pay transactions or confirm downloads from the App Store.

Difficult access to the Control Center 

The Control Center was so far at the bottom of the screens of our iPhone, it was worth to scroll up to see it and start operating. However with the arrival of the iPhone X, Apple decided to place it in the upper right corner, a place where it is really difficult to reach especially if we are using the iPhone with one hand and if we do not have too big hands.

I hope this changes in the future, but it would not have been simpler if the Control Center could be opened from the bottom , perhaps from a corner where it would not interrupt too much.

The status bar of the iPhone X gives us few options

One of the things that most users are dissatisfied with is the status bar of the iPhone X and is that for example there is no human way to enable the possibility to show the remaining percentage of battery, something that could be done in other iPhone In addition, we can not change or modify any of the data shown.

For example, to many users, among which I include myself, we would like to see this status bar clear and that is why we want to see the intensity of the mobile signal. However, editing it is impossible, at least for the time being.

Close applications on the iPhone X is awkward 

Many things have changed with the arrival of the iPhone X to the market and one of them is the way to "kill" the applications . Until now it was one of the simplest things we could do, but now the traditional way of removing applications does not work on the new iPhone.

At the moment I have not found a reason for this change, but surely someone at Apple saw it interesting and effective, but I sincerely believe that he made a complete mistake.

There is no dark mode 

\The OLED screen that mounts the iPhone X, is much more efficient when it shows dark images. This is because these types of screens have the ability to illuminate each pixel individually and the black pixels do not need to be turned on. This as we have already said allows a greater screen efficiency and also a considerable saving of battery .

However we could still extend the duration of the battery with a dark mode , which unfortunately does not exist in the iPhone X. I hope Apple remembers sometime in the dark mode because we all or almost all miss it very much.

The portrait mode is far from perfect 

The portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus was almost perfect, without showing imperfections and being almost perfect even on the most complicated edges. However, the portrait mode of the iPhone X , which is still in a beta version of the novelties introduced, is still far from perfect.

And is that many times, especially in the new modes, we find imperfect photographs , especially on the edges where they become too blurry. Maybe Apple should have valued the option of releasing their new portrait mode in this way, but they could rush, and now we find imperfections and anger.

The software has errors 

Despite what Apple is working with iOS 11, having already released iOS 11.2 where some major errors are solved, the new version of the operating system of Cupertino is still plagued with errors and failures that desperate to any user.

Applications that close, others that do not open, Wi-Fi that stops working at any time and many other failures are those that occur in the day to day not only of any user of an iPhone X, but of all those that every day we use iOS 11, which still has a long way to approach the performance that had for example iOS 10.
The high price

Surely you were missing that in this list did not appear the price of the iPhone X, which for almost all is very high , but little has imported so that sales have exceeded all expectations. I no doubt hate the price of the new iPhone with all my strength, but even so it was not an impediment for me to acquire it, and for it to be enjoying it, despite all the things I hate about the new mobile device of the company that directs Tim Cook.

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