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Friday, 15 December 2017

100 reasons to leave Android and switch to iPhone

This morning we read it in Andro4all : Google had just removed almost 100 applications from Google Play for stealing passwords with impunity to its users.

It is clear that in Google they are making a great effort with Android 8.0 Oreo so that the main terminals are updated with the latest, which in theory would protect them from possible threats and vulnerabilities, but their application downloading platform is still a nonsense in terms of security

That's why Google has had to remove 85 applications that stole data from users. And eye, that they were not apps that passed without pain or glory, no. Without going any further as Mr President Trump had more than a million downloads and a few months swarming Google Play . What a tragedy. Unfortunately it's not an isolated fact: even installing WhatsApp is a risk in Android.

Is the App Store more secure than Google Play?

Apple is not immune to malicious apps , in fact recently we told you how one of the most downloaded apps in recent times was false . In full fury for the cryptocurrencies, someone had thought of supplanting the identity of the MyEtherWallet portal and create a payment app that, judging by the downloads in a few hours, was being a success of benefits and stored information.

    This is NOT US. We have file reports and emailed and reported. Would you appreciate the communities assistance in getting these scamtards out of our lives.

    PS: We are # Foss4Lyfe https://t.co/SmI8cqNvxA
    - MyEtherWallet.com (@myetherwallet) December 10, 2017

But Apple acted fast. As soon as the warning was given, in Cupertino they proceeded to withdraw it in a matter of hours.

One of the biggest threats to a mobile and its users come through the applications, and that's where Apple has its strict barriers to entry : no phising, no infringement of intellectual property or imitation, perfect fit with iPhone terminals ... tests to access the App Store are hard and long.

Apple is blunt with security . So much so that recently the signature of the bitten apple was involved in lawsuits because according to the US Supreme Court of Justice, that Apple prevents users from downloading apps from outside the App Store could be a monopoly cause.

It is true that Apple and Google perform sweeps to remove apps suspected of being malware, but between that it is easier to be in Google Play and that there are simply more Android phones than iOS , hackers and delicuentes focus their efforts on the operating system of Google. 

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