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Monday, 4 December 2017

5 easy ways to free space on your iPhone or iPad

As time passes, our device is filled with garbage and more garbage . It does not matter if your iPhone or iPad is 16 GB or 256 GB, in the long run the memory of your terminal will be decreasing to the point where you want to sell it to buy another.

If your iPhone and iPad are about to explode, in this article we leave you 5 simple ways to free memory on your device with iOS system.

1. Let iOS take care of unused apps 

Let's admit it, we all have downloaded apps that we've played a maximum of three times . It does not matter if it's a calendar app or a bad game that was recommended, iOS will take care of eliminating it.

If you want iOS to clean the apps you do not use, just do the following :

    Go to Settings .
    Here, we will go to General and then to the Space section on iPhone .
    Activate the option " Desinst. Unused apps "that will appear on the screen. 

The positive part of this is that, in spite of deleting the application, iOS will keep all the data of this , in case some day you want to reinstall it in your device.

2. Clear the cache of some applications 

The accumulated cache of some applications is one of the worst things that can be. It turns out that, over time, each of the apps accumulates "junk" to fill the memory of our iPhone or iPad. There is no application that does not do this, however, some of them let us control the situation a bit .

For example, with the Twitter app we can keep the amount of accumulated cache at bay. Just go to Settings and Privacy and then tap Data usage to find the accumulated cache.

This option can be found in many applications such as Telegram or even WhatsApp. Take the test and start searching .

3. Delete the images and videos from Messages 

If you use the Messages app too much to send and receive photos and videos, you may be in serious trouble with your terminal's memory.

Remove all those photos that you no longer need to see by following these steps :

    Enter a conversation in the Messages app where you have photos or videos.
    Press the " i " button in the upper right corner.
    Scroll until you find the photos and videos you have sent.
    Make a long press on some and touch on " More ... "
    Select all the photos you want to delete and then tap the trash . 

Ready, with this you should have already released some memory on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Take photos in "High efficiency" mode 

The "High Efficiency" mode was one of the great achievements that came with iOS 11 . With this new feature, the photos you take with your iPhone will be saved with half the weight they used to have. So, if a photo weighed 8 MB, it will now have a total weight of approximately 4 MB.

This feature is activated by default on your iPhone , but if you unintentionally turned it off, you only have to go to the Camera section of the Settings menu to activate it again.

5. Let iOS also take care of the messages 

Let iOS remove all those old messages for you. As you do with apps, you can also make the operating system erase those messages you received a long time ago .

Do the following to carry it out:

    Go to Settings .
    Search for Messages
    Under the message history section you will see an option called " Keep messages ".
    Touch there and adjust it with the time of your preference. 

Ready. From now on the iOS will delete the messages received once a certain time has passed . 

If you had a problem with the memory of your iPhone and iPad, we hope that in this article you have found a way to solve it without having to sacrifice all your data .

How often does the memory of your device fill up? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Mashable 

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