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Sunday, 31 December 2017

5 tips to speed up your iPhone before suing Apple

After the commotion that has occurred with the batterygate case, it is normal for people to start suspecting about their own phone. After all, nobody wants to have to use a product at a level far below what they sold us at the time.

For this reason, today we bring you a series of tips that will help you determine if you should take measures or not with respect to the battery of your terminal, or if on the contrary you should think about other possibilities.

Start by making a backup of your data

Yes, it sounds weird, but more than a trick it's a lifesaver, just in case. The point is that the reason why these slowdowns occur is that the system detects that sudden shutdowns may occur due to the bad state of the battery. For that reason, and before the risk of losing your files, the first thing we recommend is that you make a backup copy.

Determine the time of use of your iPhone

You have to know the time of use that your iPhone has. Of course, it does not have to be exact, much less, but you have to bear in mind that this problem can manifest itself from the first year of use. It is from the first year, when the functionality that is causing so many problems to Apple is activated, so if that time has not passed, it is very likely that there is another reason why your device does not work properly.

Do a thorough cleaning of your device

Normally, the origin of the malfunction of an iPhone is usually that, over time, the storage has been filled to an unsustainable point, many times of temporary files that the iPhone does not erase, and that remain as the space of "Other" in iTunes. For this reason, sometimes it is good to do a clean slate and leave all those useless files behind with a restore from iTunes or in Settings, General and Reset.
Check your phone's battery

The primary step in determining if it is a problem related to the terminal battery, is to know the health of this component. To do this, we will use apps like Battery Life, which will let us know if the time for a replacement has arrived.

If all else fails, replace the battery

And, if that's the case, consider asking for a replacement battery for your phone through Apple's official technical service. As of next January, the company will offer, among other measures , the replacement of batteries for phones not covered by the guarantee for 29 euros. Surely this change will help you recover the agility that was missing from your iPhone.

And you, have you already checked your iPhone? 

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