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Saturday, 30 December 2017

A 17-year-old teenager was the one who discovered the "batterygate"

This 2017 will be remembered by Apple for an unprecedented scandal that has ended with the brand of the bitten apple asking for forgiveness to its users, changing its policy of substitutions, offering more transparency and with so many demands that some of them may end up leading to some manager to jail .

Yes, we refer to the batterygate or how Apple has slowed certain iPhone models when their respective batteries were somewhat deteriorated, reducing the speed of their processor through the updates. Nobody likes that your mobile is slow, but when you have bought a range top, it hurts more . That's what Tyler Barney, a 17-year-old from Tennessee, must have thought when he unwittingly uncovered the scandal .

iOS 11, with you everything started

The batterygate of the iPhone is on its way to cost Apple many headaches, changes in their way of understanding the business, money and a blur in their careful brand image.

But the triggers of the tragedy are much simpler and surely many of us will feel identified with its protagonist . Tyler Barney, who studies at the Mt Juliet institute, explains it this way:

    It was a mess all the time. Even writing was a pain. It took him seconds to process each letter.

At first blamed iOS 11, so I was somewhat desperate waiting for Apple to launch an update to improve the performance of your mobile. So in the meantime he tried his brother's old iPhone 6. Yes, it was a model older than yours, but it was better .

Taking a look at the internet, he discovered that perhaps replacing the battery would give his iPhone 6s a break and he did so. Just by changing the battery of your iPhone 6s for a new one, the benchmarks of your device changed: from being inferior to the factory to recover your speed. What curious! So much so that he published it on Reddit and the rest is history .

Via | Daily Mail 

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