Accelerate your phone with the "lite" versions of the applications. less heavy versions for the mobile -


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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Accelerate your phone with the "lite" versions of the applications. less heavy versions for the mobile

Heavy applications can overload the smartphone, forcing us to wait for menus to load and conversations to appear. The solution? Replace favorite applications with the "lite" versions of the applications .

Companies develop Versions "lite" applications or light versions to accelerate the descent of the smartphone.

The "lite" versions of the applications are versions created for developing countries, where Internet connections are not as strong and devices operate more slowly. These Lite apps only work on Android devices, so iOS devotees have no luck. If your iPhone is desperately slow, you can try to replace the heavy applications with the "lite" versions of the applications, through the mobile websites for these services. While some features may be lost, a faster and smoother user experience will be obtained.

In some cases, you can install the "lite" versions of the applications as usual directly from Google Play. However, certain "lite" versions of the applications will not be available outside the countries for which they are intended. In general, downloading and installing trusted applications from a secure source will keep your device safe. From the files of the Android or APK application package. The most recommended is APKMirror

You should look for the file "Lite" versions of the applications, of the desired application, making sure it is the most recent available. to finally download it and execute it. There are other ways to install these applications through a simple process called lateral or external loading, but in general, downloading external applications can damage the security of your phone. In Android Oreo, engineers have removed installation settings from unreliable sources, instead, each time you try to install something from a source other than Google Play, you will receive warnings in each application separately.

Twitter Lite from APKMirror.

With the Twitter Lite application, you can access direct messages, searches and notifications as always. But it eliminates many of the visual campaigns found in the usual application. In addition, the highlights will be lost, as well as the option to save tweets as drafts. In return, you get a faster experience. According to Twitter, this version loads up to 30 percent faster than normal, while consuming less storage space and less phone memory. If you want to speed up your phone even more, Twitter Lite comes with a special data saving mode. The application will stop loading videos and images unless you specifically touch them.

Facebook Lite

The "lite" or light version of Facebook Messenger does not have video calls, but it does not eliminate too many functions (the source of news, notifications and status updates are still received), but the interface is simplified and eliminated. The main difference that will be noticed is the visual appearance: the menu and status bars will not always appear on the screen, and you will have to click on certain options instead of sliding them through them.

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