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Sunday, 24 December 2017

After the scandal of iPhone batteries: Update or not update?

Since the release of iOS 11, Apple has released frequent updates of its latest mobile operating system. When that happens, we usually always ask if it is worth installing , being the best option to wait a reasonable time until other "guinea pigs" discuss how it works. The problem is "minor" when our iPhone or iPad is new, although iOS 11 has been a cluster of errors and bugs, but when our terminal is already a few years old, you have to think twice.

But after discovering that Apple slows down old iPhones with updates by reducing the frequency of the processor to avoid blackouts or blockages, now the doubt is going to be even greater .

Update or not update? Here is the question

During the last 6 months I have had an iPhone SE . Yes, it is a model released in March 2016 that has the A9 processor, the same as the iPhone 6s, a model that saw La Luz in September 2017, that is, two long years.

When I bought it I had iOS 10 and the truth is that it was pretty good . As Apple released their updates, I installed them without much concern because after all, it's my job to test how they work, detect errors and test the user experience of the new suite.

But with iOS 11 the thing changed. I wanted to try it because its features were fabulous (or at least on paper), especially that customizable control center. The hype with iOS 11 was brutal, so I installed it. Suddenly my iPhone SE was much slower , especially with several apps open and the battery lasted much less, having to charge it a couple of times a day.

So updating to the latest version may not be the best decision for everyone.

When should you not update your iPhone?

    The first group that should ignore updates is pretty obvious: iPhone users who have jailbroken their device. It's something I've never done, it seems like a complicated procedure and personally it's not worth it. But there are people who really enjoy Vitamin apps and personalizing their terminal. When updating, goodbye to the jailbreak . In addition there is still no jailbreak for iOS 11.

    Users with old devices , that is, with two or more models older than the current flagship, that are happy with the performance of their mobile currently. Update is a lottery, you may win in some features but you just have to see everything that has brought iOS 11: less battery life, keyboard bugs, errors in the zoom of the photos ... the older your iPhone, more risk there is. If you're happy with your old iPhone, do not update it.

The consequences of not updating

It is clear that if you do not update to iOS 11 you will lose things like the screen recording function, the customizable control center, etc. But above all, we are left without incorporating security measures and solutions to vulnerabilities that can compromise the security of your device . It is worth taking a look at the information on each patch to assess its installation or not.

Without going any further, iOS 11 fixed the KRACK vulnerability, but it was quite complicated to use it by hackers. So, seeing everything that happened afterwards with the lags, the decrease in the autonomy of the battery and its numerous bugs, maybe it was worth saving it . The same happened with MacOS High Sierra.

Another consequence is happiness . Yes, you heard correctly: Forbes says that the happiest iPhone users are those who still have iOS 10 or even iOS 9.


But as a measure of security and reflection, when a new update comes out, seriously value how happy you are with the performance of your device and keep in mind that although the new features of the new iOS sound great, they are developed and focused for the iPhone that year and their respective components.

Also, read carefully everything that solves the new iOS and user experiences of people who have already installed it, to detect possible bugs. When you have everything clear, make the decision. Remember that in many cases Apple is still signing the previous version, so you'll also have the option to downgrade your iPhone, but it's not as simple as updating iOS. 

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