Amazon gets great advantage over Google in the sale of Echo Dot smart columns -


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Amazon gets great advantage over Google in the sale of Echo Dot smart columns

The numbers reflect a great advantage of the company of Jeff Bezos, Amazon, with the outstanding success in sales of smart columns Echo Dot , the best-selling model of this line in the market.

Amazon and Google are the two most important names in the smart columns segment.

Amazon and Google have fought the leadership of the market this year with their innovative proposals, but although the fight has been hard, the technology of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, keeps the first place secured by a wide margin in the sale of its columns smart   Echo Dot. Echo Dot smart columns are hands-free, voice-controlled devices, which Alexa uses to play music, control smart devices for the home, provide information, read news, set alarms and much more, connecting to speakers or headphones via Bluetooth or cable. In addition, Alexa automatically updates through the cloud and is continually learning and adding new functions and abilities.

According to a new report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) , Google sold nearly 7 million smart column computers   Google Home, among the various models available: Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Home, while Amazon, on the other hand, almost tripled this value of Google sales with the sale of its Amazon smart columns, among which the one that had the most exit was the Echo Dot smart columns.

CIRP, the world's leading production engineering research organization, points out that the data obtained from last September's measurements show that the US giant Amazon already managed to beat the 20 million units sold mark.

Although these data may be surprising at first glance, the numbers also reflect an advantage on the part of Amazon, since it came to this market of selling smart columns , a year and a half before the Google competition. With the first generation of Echo Dot that was launched in June 2015, Amazon managed to position itself in sales, while the first Google Home, did not reach the stores before the month of November 2016.

In addition, the Echo Dot technology was also the first to launch a low-cost model, the Echo Dot inetligentes columns, from Aazon, opened the segment of this market to a wider number of consumers. The team, which is the best-selling version of this line of smart columns, inspired Google to create its own version , which is now on sale for $ 29 during the holiday season.

More recently, Mountain View giant Google launched the new Google Home Max, a smart home speaker with Google Assistant inside that responds to voice commands among other features that promise a premium user experience. For its part, Amazon still does not have a product to compete in this segment.

Keep in mind that almost 100% of this market is distributed between Google and Amazon, while Apple and Samsung insist on keeping silent about it. But the fee will be divided among other companies also from 2018, with the promised arrival of HomePod.

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