Amazon registers patent for drone that self-destroys in case of emergency -


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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Amazon registers patent for drone that self-destroys in case of emergency

Amazon has registered a patent for a type of drone that self-destroys in case of emergency. The company has developed a concept of a drone aircraft that explodes in an emergency. The approved technology will allow to control the drone and fragment it in the air to fall in safe areas. These are small self-destructive drones containing 'explosive charges'.

A self-destroying drone?

While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) evaluates the restriction policies that affect the operation of unmanned flying vehicles in the United States, Amazon is taking steps forward in the project of deliveries with drones. It's no secret that Amazon is working with drones. His Prime Air scheme has been widely documented in the media, and last year he made his first successful delivery to a customer in the United Kingdom.

The most recent advance refers to the patent that illustrates the technology of the so-called "directed fragmentation of unmanned aerial vehicles", that is, the controlled destruction of drones. This fragmentation, which in fact means "splitting in the middle of the air", would be controlled and directed if any interruption in the combat operation occurs. Amazon says that the fragmentation sequence would be determined by analyzing the meteorological conditions and the topography of the terrain. For example, Amazon will know that you should not discard your cargo if there is a school below.

In the case that it is necessary and in accordance with the situation, a controller assumes the device, and, before the fragmentation sequence begins, analyzes factors such as the trajectory of the drone, the region on which it is flying and the flight conditions. Thus, controllers can determine the best way to destroy the device, reducing the hypothesis of the fragments damaging someone or damaging a property.

It is recalled that the first public demonstration of an autonomous delivery of Amazon in the United States occurred in March of this year, which was overseen by the FAA, since US regulations still do not allow Amazon to perform this type of operation "without anyone in the other side".

An approved patent

Amazon's new patent describes a drone aircraft that self-destroys in case of difficulty. The patent, which was granted by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) . It is worth noting, however, that there is no guarantee that Amazon will use such technology. A patent is just an insured idea, and it does not mean that Amazon is about to start flying UAVs into pieces above your house, at least not for now.

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