An Apple manager talks about the enormous risk of removing the Home button on the iPhone X -


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Friday, 15 December 2017

An Apple manager talks about the enormous risk of removing the Home button on the iPhone X

With the iPhone X , Apple has made its biggest change in years. Your phone line has not experienced such a radical transformation as this new phone since the iPhone 4 was launched, and even then the change was not so great. And, with the tenth anniversary we have left behind many of the features that distinguished the iPhone from all others, including the start button.

Last year, when the iPhone 7 was introduced, we could already begin to anticipate what was to come to the line when the button was replaced by a touch sensor. However, we could not imagine that the iPhone X completely undone him, and betting everything by a navigation through gestures . And, of course, this has been the most dangerous change the Cupertino company has faced this year.

For Apple, removing the start button on the iPhone X was a big bet

It is no longer just about changing the iconic design of the iPhone, which since the first iPhone has always maintained the same essence. But also, they have been forced to pose to the user a new method of control to replace the functions of the button , even knowing that this means that many users will refuse to accept the change and will be maintained with previous models. Fortunately, everything has gone as expected.

Phil Schiller comments that, despite the challenge it posed, thanks to the simplicity of the gestures, and a Face ID that works exactly as designed, people are adapting to this new way of using their iPhone. And there is no better indication that a technology is intuitive, than seeing how users learn so quickly to use a new navigation method as the new gesture of the start menu.

And you, have you managed to get used to the new gesture of the iPhone X?

Via | BGR 

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