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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Another reason to choose Apple Watch: It will measure glucose!

A few weeks ago we echoed the good forecasts for Apple Watch in the coming years , although it is expected to lead the market of wearables, with bracelets as the economic and result Xiaomi Mi Band in the lead. The reason? Obviously in Cupertino will never consider entering the price battle because they simply do not offer the same. Apple aims to raze offering more than anyone, so in addition to incorporating endless parameters to control our training, also our health would benefit .

If a few days ago we discovered that very soon it would integrate some graphics of our heart rate, an electrocardiogram , the next step would benefit people suffering from diabetes. The gait is over by measuring blood sugar levels with a device that pricks us! With the Apple Watch everything will be much more comfortable, fast and non-invasive.

And the Apple Watch will be much more than a training partner , but it will also be a tool for health. As they explain in the New York Times:

    Independently, Apple continues to research a continuous reader of the glucose level, according to two people who are in the project. This technology will still have years to reach the industry, but they are in it.

Among the people who would be doing "rabbit de Indias" to evaluate the progress of the investigation would be Tim Cook himself.

The Apple Watch 3 continues to be one of the best alternatives for health and sports that we can find in the market. Although the LTE version is not available in Spain (which allows calls to be made independently from the iPhone), Apple's smartwatch has a faster processor than its predecessors, higher battery life, water resistance and GPS.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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