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Friday, 29 December 2017

Apple apologizes for slowing down the iPhone: "It was not intentional"

After complaints and demands from users around the world because of the batterygate, Apple has decided to publish a letter of apology in which, after having come to say that they have done so for the good of users, they have recognized that They have not acted as consumers expected. They emphasize, especially, that they have not done it intentionally.

Through the complete letter, which you can find here , the company has also explained the reason for each of the decisions that led them to implement this feature. In addition, they also indicate some of the measures they will take to try to resolve this situation.

To begin, they indicate that the functionality has been introduced in the past versions of iOS in order to prevent users from experiencing unexpected shutdowns. For them, the fact that a user does not see the use of their iPhone interrupted by this type of problems is fundamental, therefore, once the battery reaches a point in its life in which it can no longer handle the peaks of energy correctly , the system decreases the speed of the processor .

By doing this, the battery stops experiencing these peaks, and the restarts are solved. The question is, that the performance of the terminal decreases noticeably as many of you will already know. For this reason, Apple will take three concrete measures to try to satisfy the affected users, the most outstanding being that the price of battery replacement will be exceptionally reduced (until December 2018), for all those who have an iPhone 6 or earlier out of warranty.

On the other hand, next year will try to improve the user experience when it comes to managing the health of the battery, implementing new tools in iOS to detect when a replacement is necessary. Finally, they will try to work on new ways to avoid the sudden shutdowns caused by the battery. Hopefully all this is not in words and we begin to see changes soon.

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