Apple apologizes, will offer replacement batteries at a discount of $ 29 to solve performance problems -


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Friday, 29 December 2017

Apple apologizes, will offer replacement batteries at a discount of $ 29 to solve performance problems

Apple apologizes and will offer to offer replacement batteries at a discount of $ 29 to solve performance problems. The failure is found mostly in iPhone 6s units manufactured between September and October 2015, and causes the phone to suddenly turn off even when there is some battery left.

Can discount spare batteries appease annoying iPhone owners?
After admitting that iPhones with bad batteries have deteriorated, Apple is trying to repair the damage done to its customers by the way the whole battery issue was handled. As of the end of January 2018, Apple will offer discounted replacement batteries to replace batteries with deterioration. They will be available for iPhone 6 and more advanced devices for only $ 29 instead of the $ 79 that they cost regularly.

In addition to offering spare batteries at a discount, Apple has released new software updates that will come in to indicate if a damaged battery is causing a problem on your computer. In this way, users can check for themselves the fact that it is worthwhile or not to buy a new battery for your Iphone, which helps recover the lost performance they once had.

Apple continues to maintain that the performance of the processor must be accelerated in iPhones with spare batteries at a discount to avoid the odious unexpected shutdown. Affected users have been "experiencing longer download times for applications and other reductions in the performance of their computers." It is said that discount replacement batteries completely correct any operating problems associated with a damaged or aging battery .

Regarding the emergence of this problem, Apple categorically denies any illegal act and claims that no decision has been taken to coerce users to update earlier and more frequently. "We have never done anything and we would never do anything to intentionally shorten the life of an Apple product, neither to degrade the user experience nor force customers to upgrade their equipment."

With more lawsuits piling up, Apple is trying to make it very clear that they are not participating in planned obsolescence or other deceptive tactics to take advantage of consumers by getting more money from them.

Apple will make available to its users more information about how to obtain replacement batteries at a discount. The discounted replacement battery program will remain in effect throughout 2018 and will apply to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7, iPhone SE and models with Plus size variants.

To find out if the model your Iphone enters the discount battery replacement program, you should find out the serial number of your iPhone. To do this, access the Settings application, General section, Information subsection. There you will have a list of values ​​and among them you can find the serial number of the iPhone.

It is very important that, as users, we go to the Apple Store or authorized stores at the slightest suspicion that there is a manufacturing defect in our product. This is something that not everyone does because of ignorance or laziness, but that would help solve certain problems. The higher the volume of complaints of the same type, the faster the resolution.

There is also a specific website to raise these problems. This is the official website of feedback from the Apple company, where we can leave from ideas of product improvement to the defects we see in our products. The only problem is that it seems that we should do them in English.

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