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Friday, 22 December 2017

Apple Christmas gifts: the best accessories for Apple Watch

We are already at Christmas and the Magi are getting closer and they will surely have one of their star gifts on the Apple Watch . The smartwatch of Apple happens to be the perfect complement for many users who already use it on a daily basis, but in case you still do not have it, just below we leave you a link so you can order it from Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar .

And in this article we are going to show you the best accessories for Apple Watch , which you can buy through Amazon and receive them before Christmas starts. We have chosen from straps, uploaded and going through a case to protect your smartwatch and avoid upsets in the day to day.

Protective case Spigen Rugged Armor 

Maybe a case for your Apple Watch will overshadow it, but it never hurts to protect it, especially if you are going to expose your smart watch to situations of risk or danger. Many users use it daily, without taking it off their wrist absolutely at all, so giving it a plus of security for just 8.99 euros may not be a bad idea.

To buy

Chok Idea strap 

Apple sells an infinity of belts for its Apple Watch , with prices that many consider exorbitant. Therefore, to value other options can be interesting and Amazon is a great corner where we can find a huge amount of belts , the most varied, with good quality and very low prices, especially when compared to the prices of the original belts .

This Chok Idea strap has a modern design, available in a large number of colors and you can buy from 11.46 euros . Of course, in some models you will not be able to entrust them to Santa Claus.

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Support for Apple Watch Simpeak 

One of the most interesting accessories you can buy for the Apple Watch is a stand , which also allows you to charge your device can become an inseparable travel companion. There are dozens of supports for the smart watch of the Cupertino, but one of the most popular options is this that we show you manufactured by Simpeak.

With a price of 19.98 euros you can always have your Apple Watch visible, placed securely and you can at the same time charge it. It also offers 3 USB ports that for example you can use it to charge your iPhone or your iPad

To buy

Cargo stand and station Tsumbay 

If we look for a load base with a more careful design , we can opt for the support and charging station of Tsumbay, which not only offers us space for the APple Watch, but also allows us to have our iPhone at hand and with the possibility of load it

Its price is also very interesting and we can buy it for 14.99 euros. Of course, once again you can not receive it from Santa Claus because the delivery is scheduled in 7 days from when we acquired it .

To buy

Simpeak leather strap 

Having a leash for every occasion is not a bad option, especially if we do not have to spend too much money on them. This leather made by Simpeak can be perfect for the day to day if you are not lucky enough to work in your pajamas or to go to the office with a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

With a brown or black leather design, you can give a distinctive touch to your Apple Watch and also make others look at your wrist. For this you only have to spend a ridiculous 12.98 euros which is what is worth this great strap.

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Support Orzly Night-Stand 

Some time ago I decided to buy this support for the Apple Watch because of the simplicity it offers , and because in my nightstand there are not many more things. With it you can use your smartwatch with the function of night clock and also charge it at the same time.

The investment is not too high because you can buy it for less than 10 euros and the day you get tired you can renew it without too much remorse.

To buy

Case with charging base 

How many times have you gone on a trip and taken the loaded iPhone but not the Apple Watch ?. If you've spent countless times like me, this load-based case for your Apple Watch is going to make you forget about this problem forever. Of course, now you can not forget this case because if not we will be in the initial problem again.

Its price is 26.99 euros and will allow you to safely transport your Apple Watch and also charge it without having to connect the charger to the electric power.

To buy

Simpeak stainless steel strap 

It may interest you | [From China comes Little Pepper S11, the cheap copy of the iPhone X] (From China comes Little Pepper S11, the cheap copy of the iPhone X)

To close this list I have decided to include what is undoubtedly my favorite strap and that I use very often in my day to day . This metallic strap made by Simpeak will allow you to show off your Apple Watch, always be combined with the clothes you wear and also not have to spend a fortune.

Currently its price is 17.58 euros which is undoubtedly a sensational price especially if we compare it with other belts of this type, which usually have prices in many cases exorbitant.

To buy

These are all our recommendations to give this Christmas. We hope you liked it and if you want to recommend any other accessory we will be happy to see them and surely to buy them. You can use for this the space reserved for the comments of this post or one of the social networks in which we are present. 

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