Apple could copy the stylus of the phones Note -


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Friday, 1 December 2017

Apple could copy the stylus of the phones Note

The increasing size of the screens of mobile devices, makes many users of Apple products rethink if the popular Cupertino company phone should have incorporated a pencil , as do some brands like Samsung.

This, that garlic of the founder of the company would be something like a sacrilege, seems to have a hint of reality since it has registered a patent that confirms this . Another fact is that this patent is completed, but what is clear is that it is among Apple's plans.

In addition, the patent itself has a highly effective technique for identifying the position of the stylus on the touch screen, in which the device i first detects the approximate position and then activates smaller sensors in that region to provide the necessary precision for that pencil.

The patent also speaks in generic terms about touch screen devices, but in a couple of drawings you can easily identify iPhones. The most optimistic forecasts would talk about pencils on an iPhone in 2019 , we do not know if this will be really possible or not, but for now it is something that is on the table.

Recently there have been many complaints about the size of the iPhone X screen , or even about the Plus series that is in force since 2014. Despite the accessibility measures that iOS has, many people see it convenient to have this small accessory to facilitate daily management with the device . If you measure how to remove the jack connector of a lifetime or implant an OLED screen were seen as something unrealizable, who knows if the pencil will be a reality from here a short time.

Via | 9to5mac 

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