Apple earns 5 times more for mobile sold than Samsung -


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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Apple earns 5 times more for mobile sold than Samsung

Many times we have wondered if Apple really earns as much money as it seems with each product sold. If it is true that they use their own brand to inflate the price of their phones, tablets, computers, in order to obtain a greater benefit. Well, although it is not clear if they do it with their brand, the truth is that there is no other company that earns more than Apple.

Neither Samsung, nor Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei or OPPO, which have a sales volume greater than that of the Californian, have a benefit as great as the latter. At least, that is what makes clear the latest report of the analysis firm Counterpoint, published last Thursday.

In this report, it is stated that Apple has won, during the third quarter of 2017, a maximum of $ 151 per unit sold. Compared to Samsung, which has had a maximum of $ 31 per unit sold, is almost five times the benefit of the Korean. And if we put it face to face with the maximum of Xiaomi, which is $ 2 per unit, then we can get an idea of ​​how cheap the iPhone could be if Apple were to lower it some day.

But, although a possible drop in the price of the iPhone X is being rumored, the truth is that this maximum not only will not go down next year, but the same firm indicates that it could grow even more thanks to the latest company terminal. Especially, thanks to the 256 GB model.

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