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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Apple justifies the slowdowns of iOS updates

When a few days ago began to appear different reports of benchmarks that indicated that certain iPhone models were operating below their normal performance we began to notice that something was not right. The thing was more when it was known that there was a relationship between this loss of speed and the useful life of the battery of the device. Then, people started to have reasons to be scared.

Normally, all news related to problems of this type are usually associated with very specific cases, or assemblies. However, this time there is nothing false, and it is not something that only affects a small number of phones, but it is something that has been done completely on purpose by Apple. That is, if a few days ago we talked about this incident was real , today we can say that Apple has officially declared that it is a new feature of the system.

It is a new feature that will continue to be implemented and activated as time goes by

Thanks to The Verge we have been able to know the position of Apple with respect to all this, and the truth is that it is something more serious than it seemed at the beginning. According to the company, last year a system designed to slow down the processor at certain times was introduced in order not to excessively increase the temperature.

Failure to do so, from a certain point in the life of the iPhone, could mean the appearance of forced restarts due to overheating, something they want to avoid at all costs. For this reason, the company has confirmed not only that there is a reason for these slowdowns to occur, but also continue to activate this system in the next iPhone, just as they have done in iOS 11 with the iPhone 7.

And you, have you noticed that loss of performance?

Via | The Verge 

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