Apple launches iOS 11.2 before the appearance of a critical error on the iPhone -


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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Apple launches iOS 11.2 before the appearance of a critical error on the iPhone

As we said yesterday, with the release of the sixth beta version of iOS 11.2, the new version of Apple's operating system was almost falling. And the truth is that we were surprised by how quickly everything happened. However, everything has a reason to be, as you will have guessed when seeing this exceptional situation. As you may know, it is not at all normal for Apple to launch an update on a Saturday at the last minute. Not even for the iPhone X.

But this situation of exception, is due to an important error that has been found a few hours ago. As of today, December 2, this newly discovered bug has started causing crashes on the iPhone with iOS 11 installed . And that is something that can not be allowed in a company like Apple, and less after the week they have had with iOS, and with MacOS. For that reason, you can already do with the new version of iOS, 11.2.

News from iOS 11.2 

The new update, in addition to fixing important errors such as the one responsible for crashes, or bugs in calculator animations, also adds new functions to the operating system. Among them, we can highlight the arrival of Apple Pay Cash , which finally arrives at iMessage in order to facilitate money transfers between contacts, although, for the moment, it will only be available in the United States.

Compatible devices and how to download it 

The devices compatible with the new iOS update are all those that have already received iOS 11, that is, devices with a 64-bit processor . These include the iPhone 5S and above, the iPad Air and above, and the iPod Touch 6th Generation. All of them can install from this moment iOS 11.2 from Settings, General, Software Update, regardless of whether or not it belongs to the beta program. For the users of the beta, if you have the sixth version, you are already up to date.

If you are an iPhone user, we strongly recommend you do the update as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is possible that your phone will begin to experience important failures as of today. It's not just about your security, it's about the user experience.

And you, have you already downloaded the new update? 

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