Apple liquidates the most dangerous app on the App Store -


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Apple liquidates the most dangerous app on the App Store

Yesterday we echoed a story that was quite revolutionizing the environment in Apple's app store, the App Store. The issue was not another in which a false application of cryptocurrency management had risen to third place in the finance category of the aforementioned store.

Finally, Apple has managed to eliminate it from its application store, to avoid fraud. The application, had a cost of $ 4.99 for users , but that was not all, as it is not very clear if it could have other consequences when dealing with management of virtual business portfolios.

Therefore users can now breathe easy. What I miss a lot of this issue and is not very clear is how a fake application had managed to circumvent the strict quality control and security that has the company of the bitten apple.

The fake application was MyEtherWallet. But beware, MyEtherWallet itself is a real application and trustworthy, only that it had seemed a fake twin brother is the one that Apple has now managed to liquidate.

This fact has also occurred at a time when a virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, is at historic highs. It is a subject too fashionable because the people who bought this coin in its appearance a few years ago at a dollar the unit, could be multimillionaire if they have been maintained until now and sell them.

It only remains that the people who have been affected by the purchase of this application have not suffered any damage other than having lost almost five dollars . So if you work with this kind of values, now you can use the real app with total confidence. You only have an account in the American App Store, because in Spain it is not available.

Via | idropnews 

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