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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Apple may be slowing down your iPhone to protect its battery (and its reputation)

Over time, telephones begin to be unable to cope with the new challenges posed by software platforms. Sometimes due to a hardware limitation, or because the manufacturer does not consider it necessary to continue maintaining these old models. Be that as it may, the moment when the useful life of smartphones ends always arrives, as with any other object. Although sometimes, this happens much sooner than the user expects, even if it is the iPhone X.

This past weekend, a Reddit user posted some comments about his experience with an iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently, compared to his brother, it worked significantly worse, something that could be noticed even in benchmarking apps like GeekBench. After checking that his battery had lost much of its capacity, decided to replace it. And when that happened, I notice a change that caused the alarms to go off.

A damaged battery could be the cause of your iPhone going so slow 

After having shared this incident with other users, more experiments have begun to appear replicating the same process that the user followed, or trying to relate the autonomy with the performance of the phone. One of them, is that of MacRumors, which after making two GeekBench with 98% and 46% battery in the same iPhone 6S, could verify that the results of the test had fallen from 1459 points to 1055 points in the mono test -core and 2499 points to 1770 points in the multi-core test.

Apparently, depending on the state of the battery, the device is limiting the speed of its processor in order to always try to maintain the day of autonomy that both advertise in the company. Therefore, when it is damaged, the processor also begins to slow down without remedy, affecting the overall experience. At the moment, Apple has not ruled on this, but we hope that in the coming days provide a good response for this incident.

And you, have you ever had to replace the battery of your iPhone?

Via | MacRumors 

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