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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Apple offers pre-sale and free trial of applications in your store

Free Apple Store trial ? With the new feature of the App Store , the brand of the apple aims to facilitate the promotion, by the programmers, of new applications they have developed and before being released to the market. With this introduction of new performance policies, Apple is revolutionizing the market with an excellent feature of the App Store, the apple brand aims to facilitate the promotion of new applications, before these are released to the market for download. These promotions or pre sales, will be made by the same programmers who have developed them.

Free trial of Apple Store is a fact

The Apple store, App Store, contains innumerable products for almost all needs. There are applications to play, maintain a good state of health, to support our productivity, optimize photos and many more. But the wide variety of options available, creates a problem when opting for good software, cheap or free, that is efficient and that meets the needs of the user. We would need to try each one of them, to find the one before making the purchase or download to our team.

Apple explained that with this new test mode, users can see and request the application in the App Store before it is released for download. That is, the user can use the application in a trial form for a pre-sale period before paying for it. As soon as the user requests it, the clients are notified and the download is automatically made to the device within 24 hours.

If the product is free, the pre-sale only sends a warning when the application is available, but if it is paid, the value will be discounted before the initial download. As a rule, the period of launch, test or pre-sale can not be so long, having stipulated a period between 2 and 90 days for the duration of the same, depending on the product in question.

The idea is to awaken the interest of a greater number of people to whom the product could be useful and, above all, capture more effectively the users and potential buyers of the market, giving the user the opportunity to take advantage of a better price since programmers can offer special discounts with discounts to those who purchase the application in the pre-sale period.

Also for games and applications that have signature or copyright, Apple presents us with new features Apple has managed to negotiate and introduce the possibility that potential users may have a sample of the Service or the game, to use it as a trial during the period of test and thus capture the interest of before users pay for the final download on your computer.

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