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Friday, 15 December 2017

Apple, or how a brand can be essential to achieve success

The history of advertising is a long story that includes the different ways in which different entities, such as companies, have established relationships with customers in order to sell a certain product. Initially, it generally did not receive all the attention that should be paid to this field , and in many cases it was even thought that the mere fact that a product is good would be sold. However, in a highly competitive world, that does not happen anymore.

Now, companies no longer leave anything to chance, in a world where anyone should be able to access information about a certain company. Any detail is important to maintain a good brand image that attracts the consumer. The logo, from its shape to its color , has the responsibility of making a good first impression , as, in many cases, we judge a person according to their appearance. And on this planet, there is no brand more recognized than Apple.

Is the brand of a company so important to dedicate our attention? 

In recent months, the Californian company has returned to see how its brand maintains the first position in terms of the most valuable brands on the planet. For Apple, its brand is one of its main and most important assets . Every movement they make, every campaign, every decision, is made taking into account that their apple represents a value of several billions that should not fall under any concept to their big competitors.

And that value, connects with consumers through a clean, simple image. A fruit like any other, which however is instantly related to the largest company in the world. Inspire a great confidence to find you with your logo, similar to these success cases of web design explained by 1and1 , in any of its products or services. When creating the logo of a company, each stroke is important, the position of each element, its style, and in that, Apple hit the spot.

However, the success of your brand has not been born overnight. Although, as we said at the beginning, the brand is becoming more important, we must not forget that the ultimate goal is to sell the product. Apple has made its customers feel proud to buy the latest iPhone, iPad or Mac. That we can memorize your logo or that we want to have your stickers decorating everything. A good logo will launch a product to the top, but do not forget to offer something up to the task.

And you, do you have a company of your own? Do you consider your brand important? 

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