Apple patents a mysterious and new terminal for Virtual Reality -


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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Apple patents a mysterious and new terminal for Virtual Reality

The creative machinery of Apple does not stop and is very clear that the Augmented Reality is the future. So much so that the firm based in Cupertino has just patented a mysterious iPhone window with a transparent area that would allow users to see the real world in the upper area of ​​their phone.

According to the form, it is an electronic device with a transparent region that can originate from an opening (or several) on the screen. In this way, the rear camera would collect information from the scene that, once processed, could be projected in the viewing window. The patent scheme shows these transparent areas quite well.

Although the patent number 9.825.103 does not give too many details about its operation, everything seems to point out that it would only be used for augmented reality, being able to integrate virtual objects in the real environment. In the patent also appears the possibility of including more than one window in various parts of the device. Until now, it is the camera that provides the vision of the environment, but with this window the objects of Augmented Reality could be even more realistic .

The truth is that this device may be a mere prototype in which they would be working in Apple that does not necessarily have to be commercialized , although Cook himself explained months ago that the AR and VR market was still very green . What has really come to the users is the augmented reality through the ARKit platform.

Of course, ARKit still works in a simpler way : using the iPhone camera to detect flat surfaces and embed virtual objects on it by using the camera and machine learning data, so the virtual image is adjusted to the environment offering quite acceptable results.

Via | Daily Mail 

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