Apple promises battery replacements at 29 euros and improve its management in iOS -


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Friday, 29 December 2017

Apple promises battery replacements at 29 euros and improve its management in iOS

Better late than never . That's what Apple must have thought when he saw everything that came to him by the batterygate. Multiple and million-dollar lawsuits in several countries and a damaged brand image as immediate results by slowing down old iPhones without informing users, however, to safeguard the life of their batteries.

For that reason in Cupertino they have decided to sing the mea mulpa and begin to amend their error in the best possible way: asking for forgiveness , offering more information and promising transparency and reducing the price of the replacement of the batteries throughout the year 2018.

In a note explaining its measures, Apple apologizes for the lack of information and insists that they have never had the intention of reducing the useful life of their devices or worsen the experience of their users . We have translated part of the note and explanatory documents:

    A chemical battery with a certain age is less able to manage power spikes, especially when it is low-loaded, which can cause a device to shut down in certain circumstances. To inform users about the iPhone's batteries and the factors that affect its performance, we have written a new article. For us the blackouts are unacceptable. We do not want our users to lose calls, stop taking photos or interrupt their user experience, that's why we wanted to avoid it.

What is the batterygate?

And it is that this batterygate starts in iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s , so that they avoid unexpected blackouts due to the power spikes explained by Apple. It is then when the signature of the bitten apple decides to implement in its updates a function that reduces the frequency of operation of the processor to better manage the life of the battery.

In this time this function has been designed for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus . Predictably, it would have been implemented in later models over time as the terminal's battery began to degrade, something that can be solved with a new battery.

According to Apple itself, user feedback began to arrive this fall, when they complained about the slow speed of their devices, which were initially attributed to bugs in iOS 11 updates , but now it is known which is the origin .

What does Apple offer?

But not everything is to ask for forgiveness. In addition to their sincere apologies, Apple offers a series of measures for all users who complain about the speed reduction on their iPhone. Between them:

    All prices for non-warranty batteries will go down from 79 to 29 dollars , in Spain from 89 to 29 euros. This will begin at the end of January and will last until December 2018. Apple will provide more information about this battery replacement rebates plan but will apply to any iPhone starting with the iPhone 6 whose battery requires replacement.

    At the beginning of 2018, the next update of iOS will add new features that will offer more transparency on the health of the iPhone's battery so that all users can know the real state and how it affects the performance of the device.

What is clear is that Apple will continue working to improve the user experience and avoid the disappointment caused among your community.

Via | Apple Newsroom 

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