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Monday, 18 December 2017

Apple users prefer iPhone cheaper than iPhone X

These last weeks have been quite important for Apple, after all, the iPhone X , the phone that represents the 10 years of innovation of its line of smartphones, has been launched. In all this time, we have talked about the functions of this phone, those that make it so special, and those that we would prefer to forget that it has. However, we have not talked too much about what would happen if this new model does not meet expectations .

Actually, there are few who think that this situation can occur. Or at least, they were. And is that the closer we get to the day when all the data will be revealed, the more contagious is the fear that the iPhone X has sold less than expected . Although really, it is not something that caught us too much by surprise, since we are not the only ones who think that this year, the prices of output are quite more exorbitant than we imagined a few months ago.

The iPhone X, a good phone, at an inadmissible price 

When we talk about the new iPhone X, we talk about a phone that has managed to introduce a completely new design to a line that had not experienced such a radical change for years. From a device that has brought to the consumer market such innovative technologies as the new TrueDepth sensor. From a gadget that has surprised the entire industry with the best screen on the market, and consumers with a really high selling price.

Of course, this iPhone is full of components that imply an increase in production costs, and that have meant a greater research expense. Of course we also pay for the brand of the company , an identity that inspires us with great quality and service. But nobody likes having to pay more than 1100 euros for a phone that, in all likelihood, will be left behind in less than a year.

And you, do you consider the price of the new iPhone X right?

Source | Bloomberg 

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