Apple was still ordered to pay the europe tax -


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Apple was still ordered to pay the europe tax

After lengthy proceedings, the Irish finance department ruled that Apple still has an obligation to pay a tax of US $ 13 billion. About this informs the Cult of Mac.

The tool that the company had to pay a year ago, is transferred to a guarantee deposit account. In it, the money will stay until all of Apple's appeals will not be considered, but by 2018 at the latest.

John Hogan, assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department, acknowledged that the process of adoption and harmonization of this decision has taken longer than expected.

Apple against the European Union

In 2016, the European Union has accused Apple, which illegally shows the benefits of many European countries through Ireland. The consequence held that the company paid only 0.005 percent tax, which облагалась in 2014.

This has led to the European Commission suing Ireland in October 2017.

This week, the chairman of the committee overseeing the case said John Хогану of the Ministry of Finance of Ireland, which in the clash with the European court of justice can damage the reputation of Ireland. Хаган affirmed that the country has done "everything possible" to resolve the situation.

In one way or another, Apple's evasion of tax payments abroad remains a problem. The company was mentioned in the recently updated document entitled "Paradise Papers". It details how rich people and the company generate large sums of money abroad, to avoid taxes.

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