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Friday, 8 December 2017

Apple will give the emojis a 180 degree turn (literally)

The emojis are our daily bread. Used to give a casual touch to communications, we usually brighten the face when we receive them, as long as they fit with a humorous context , or plunge us into misery if we have sensitivity to the floor.

Well, some of Apple's emojis are going to be reversible for next year. What does this mean? That the user can use them looking left or right, as appropriate. Also Unicode, the organization that controls them, has revealed a series of new additions to the set of emojis that will appear in 2018.

On October 31, the Apple company released iOS 11.1, which, in addition to some bug fixes, added 70 new emojis. With these symbols the usual thing happens, that there are users who hope that some are included that finally do not, or that when they finally appear they are not liked by the users . We have very recently the controversy of the emoji of the hamburger.

Among the novelties that want to present themselves for the year 2018 would include bald heads and characters with curly and gray hair . Other presented emoji candidates have been a softball, cupcake, kangaroo, teddy bear, mango, party face, scooter, a spool of yarn, swan, badger, infinity symbol and a pirate flag.

And this is not all, so that you can appreciate how far what an emoji can mean, in the last update the red-haired people left very badly stopped . The reason is simple, they were not included as emojis, but it seems that in the next release the error will be corrected and they will be included, finally!

And one of the emojis that has been discarded is an eschatological one, since it will not be that of the angry poop .

Via | Daily Mail 

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