Apple will revitalize the modem of their iPhone in 2018 -


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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Apple will revitalize the modem of their iPhone in 2018

While the judicial war between Qualcomm and Apple is still under way, the company of the bitten apple plans to take a different direction in terms of hardware implementation strategy in its future mobile devices. Apple must replace the supplies from its suppliers, as it does not want to partner with Qualcomm.

Apparently, Apple is considering the MediaTek company to manufacture its modems for the 2018 iPhone . From Apple seek additional capacity after "transferring half of their orders from Qualcomm to Intel."

According to the sources, MediaTek has the technology, capacity, prices and sufficient advantages to supply the modems for the iPhone. MediaTek, therefore, would join Intel in the manufacture of these components for 2018.

Will the judicial battle with Qualcomm benefit Apple?

The partnership between MediaTek and Apple could extend beyond the manufacture of modems for its new iPhone models of 2018. With MediaTek at the forefront of its supply chain, it could take care of both its smart speakers and wireless charging devices.

This news does nothing but confirm previous rumors that indicated that Apple is working to find other solutions that do not involve Qualcomm , in favor of Intel and MediaTek.

Be that as it may, MediaTek have refused to comment on these speculations . But with the judicial battle between Apple and Qualcomm in the process, we are talking about a more than reliable probability.

We will see if both Intel and MediaTek will make the modems of the new iPhone models for 2018 as effective as those provided by Qualcomm LTE. Time will tell. What do you think about this news? Do you think the apple company does well to leave Qualcomm aside?

Source | 9to5mac 

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