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Friday, 1 December 2017

Apple wins the hamburger emoji war

With brioche bread, with sesame bread, with a lot of mayonnaise, with lettuce on top, with lettuce below, with raw onion, with caramelized onions, no onion, with tomato, with basil leaves, with chopped parsley ... even with egg, potatoes and bacon! ** We all love hamburgers with all kinds of different ingredients. But there is something that should never change: cheese ... over meat.

It all started on a cold autumn night, specifically at the end of October, on Twitter. The user @baekdal (Thomas Baekdal) put the cards on the table: Google and Apple had designed two completely different hamburger emojis.

    I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top
    - Thomas Baekdal (@baekdal) October 28, 2017 

Let's leave aesthetics aside for the moment. Since the new emoji design of the Apple burger personally leaves much to be desired compared to the previous one ... I'm sorry, I had to say it. Google's emoji shows a roll, lettuce, tomato, meat, cheese and another muffin . But Apple designed a hamburger with a roll, tomato, cheese, meat, lettuce and another bagel.

The fact is that, when putting the cheese underneath, this one is intermixed with the fat of the meat and it is soaked, gummy and / or dripping. Whereas, if you put the cheese on the meat, it melts in a much more delicious and juicy way.

Although, well ... at least Google's emoji on Android was not like this:

What a gastro-culinary horror! (Although I would eat it gladly)
Carnivorous battles: the epic and "fierce" fight for the emoji of the hamburger ... Yum, yum!

Two do not fight if you do not want to, but why has this simple emoji caused such a stir? Precisely because there are people who are both in favor or against a certain position or placement of the ingredients. To taste the colors!

But Google has ended up yielding , cheese ... always on meat. Otherwise, it could not melt as it should. We needed this small victory, thank you 2017.

Google has already updated the hamburger emoji on Emojipedia. In fact, even CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that "they would leave everything" to make the emoji be in tune with the world.

    Ah at last proper burger in android 8.1.

    I'm hungry now!

    BTW @Apple , the lettuce does not go under the patty !! That needs to be fixed in the next iOS release.
    - Steve Garon (@stevegaron) November 28, 2017

And that's how Apple has won the battle of the hamburger emoji . But ... Oh, oh ...! What about the lettuce? Should it be under or on top of the meat? We started again!

What…? Have you been hungry too? No problem! Let's go to the kitchen, prepare the pan and cook this exquisite burger recipe. Bon Appetite!

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