At Christmas, a nice tie knot looks with these apps -


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Monday, 25 December 2017

At Christmas, a nice tie knot looks with these apps

In a few hours we will be celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas, festivities eminently family and in which many times we need to save a little bit the forms , come on, comply with certain protocols. Because what you should never do is show up at your in-laws' house with jeans and a T-shirt, no matter how comfortable you are.

Now, you have been invited to dinner at your in-laws' house and you have realized that you do not know how to tie your tie. It is not a plan to be made foxes , so we are here to give you a hand and show you two applications that can help you to go like a brush.

How to tie an easy tie

We know that this tie the tie of the tie or the bow tie, is a very complicated matter and there are not many people who know how to tie a knot in conditions. Do not give up to go presentable at Christmas thanks to this powerful application, And without hesitating WhatsApp hard critics in the Apple app store ..

Other interesting features:

Tie Right

The second application we recommend is this one. Unfortunately, and because of the way we now have to dress more casual, tie knots are a challenge for many people. Everything is a matter of downloading the app and getting to practice, since it is much easier, you can dare with ever more complicated knots and the results will be visible for everyone. You can be the sensation of that party, since there are six different ones where you can choose.

You already know, now you have no excuse, that you do not know how to tie the knot and that you go teaching the chest does not work, so we want to look elegant and with a nice tie around the neck. Merry Christmas!

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