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Friday, 29 December 2017

Become invisible with the iPhone X, incredible!

The iPhone X can have a huge amount of utilities, but what we had never seen before was to use it to perform a facial camouflage . Thanks to the arrival of ARKit to iOS, we have been able to see different types of uses for augmented reality, but Kazuya Noshiro, a Japanese developer has gone a step further.

And it has achieved a kind of optical camouflage in real time, very reminiscent of some very popular games. To achieve this he has used a second camera that records the background that replaces his face , as you can see in the images that accompany this article.

    iPhoneX で 顔 だ け 光学 迷彩 っ ぽ く な る や つ で き た
    - の し ぷ (@noshipu) December 27, 2017

The idea is undoubtedly the most interesting, although the result is a little scary, especially the first time we see it. At the moment this germ of what seems to be an application does not have a date of arrival in the market , and we do not even know with complete certainty that it will arrive, although in the case of a developer we believe that there are many possibilities that we can see it sooner that afternoon in the App Store.

Its creator has not revealed any details, but everything points to the application taking a picture of the environment, and while we have the phone in the same position in which we have taken the picture, the Face ID system will get the data of the face focused, and will remove the face of it by replacing it with the background. This is something very similar to what is done with chroma, for example in the world of film and television.

The usefulness of this application is not too clear , but it will help us to make funny photographs or videos like the one posted by Noshiro on his official Twitter profile.

Have you ever thought of any idea to use the possible function of the facial camouflage of the iPhone X ?.

Source | theverge 

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