Co-founder of Vine wants to resuscitate the application -


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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Co-founder of Vine wants to resuscitate the application

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the Vine application, left a small teaser on his Twitter this Wednesday, where he displays an image in which he can read "V2". A few months after being closed, Vine can return to the successful digital universe . Hofmann, has a plan to realize this long-awaited goal, cheering thousands and thousands of users.

Will the Vine app be resurrected?

Dom Hofmann, the creator of the six-second mini-video app, says he is spending his free time on the project to return Vine to the world of super-successful apps.

Hofmann tweeted about this possibility about a week ago, and explained that the resurrection of the application is a project in which he has been working in parallel with his daily work in the Interspace. He assures that the financing of the project is guaranteed.

Responsible for putting the controversial application back to work, he said he is willing to reveal more about the ideas he has for the Vine as the work progresses, but that by now, the process is still not entirely clear. which must pass the application to be functional again.

It is recalled that the Vine application was closed at the beginning of the year 2017. The application was responsible for the start and rise in the fame of several internet celebrities, who nowadays are successful on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Despite having a short life cycle, the application was known for its peculiar format, which allowed the creation and playback of video clips with six seconds in length, and which could be directly uploaded to that social network or to other networks such as the facebook, instagram or twitter.

Hofmann works to resuscitate the application

"I'm going to work on an improved Vine version," Hofmann writes on his Twitter account. "I've been perceiving it and I've seen a lot of tweets, direct messages, and so on." The tweet of Dom quickly expanded as a wonderful explosion before the millions of fans of this fun application, and apparently have not forgotten yet.

The Tweet of Hofman this Wednesday, however, leaves great hope to those who would like to see the application back on their smartphone or tablets. Let's wait to see how the events unfold, and what new news Vine will bring to surprise us.

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