Collaborate in the fight against AIDS with Apple's RED products -


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Friday, 1 December 2017

Collaborate in the fight against AIDS with Apple's RED products

Today marks the world day against AIDS, a disease that became known in the mid-80s and has affected millions of people around the world , many of them well known and famous. Because of this, HIV has always been widespread and efforts to eradicate, or at least minimize, the effects of this disease are maximum for the entire population.

The company Apple, among many others, supports this cause and we can also directly help investigate and provide medicines for the affected people, who are mainly in Africa.

The program (RED), has raised in 2017 more than 30 million dollars for this cause. To give us an idea, it is the equivalent of 144 million days of antiretroviral medication , which has the task of preventing the transmission of HIV from mothers to children.

To collaborate with this program, Apple enabled a space on its website where you can buy products and allocate part of the benefits to the fight against AIDS , from belts for the Apple Watch to iPhone cases or speakers.

A total of 20.9 million people already have access to vital medication, compared to the 19.5 million who had it by the end of 2016 and the 700,000 who had it in 2000. The percentage of pregnant women who have the HIV and those receiving treatment have also increased, reaching 76 percent in 2016 compared to 47 percent in 2010. If the goals are being met, AIDS may be eliminated after 2030.

To raise awareness, four hundred Apple Store worldwide today will wear a red logo on their logo to raise awareness among customers and buyers about the problem posed by this disease worldwide. Also for every transaction made with Apple Pay, a dollar will be allocated for the fight against AIDS , so if you plan to make a purchase, think that today may be the most appropriate day, millions of people will be grateful.

Via | faq-mac 

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