Congratulations! The SMS celebrates 25 years -


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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Congratulations! The SMS celebrates 25 years

Today, 25 years ago, a young American programmer sent an SMS message to a colleague, wishing him a Merry Christmas, on December 3, 1992 . Many of us, who by then were of a certain age, are frightened to think that two and a half decades have passed since this technological milestone.

Nobody doubts in recognizing that the SMS had their time, and in fact they are still used in many cases . For example, they are used to access banking operations, to receive advertising, as a method of verification in two steps on pages such as Apple, Amazon and many more.

In Spain, as in other countries, SMS had its golden age . We all remember when they were used to pass us information, the famous "pass it", or was the usual means of communication between any community, as now it can be WhatsApp or Telegram.

Many mobile operators include them in their rates , others even continue charging at a scandalous price, 15 cents per message, but SMS still refuse to disappear and probably never do.

Is the SMS dead? If you doubt not, but the instant messaging applications and have left them quite cornered. Apple devices continues to make use of a messaging system that is like SMS but much improved, our beloved Messaging application and that has many followers among the fans of the Californian brand, among which I include myself.

Therefore, we want SMS to continue to exist, now it is not very common to receive one of our contacts, we only receive them from commercial brands, but it is nice to see from time to time that someone writes to us through this system and that is why We wish the SMS another 25 years more with us. Congratulations!

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