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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Dell XPS 13 9560 laptop improved. The same design with more power

Today we are taking a look at the new Dell XPS 13 9560 Laptop. You may not realize it from the outside, but the latest XPS 13 has received a single major update compared to the model that was launched towards the end of 2016 giving way to processors 8th generation Intel Kaby Lake-R.
Although it is a simple CPU exchange, it is a great improvement for the XPS 13 considering the difference in performance between the previously used dual-core Kaby and the new quad-core parts.

With the new Dell XPS 13 9560 Laptop, performance increases close to 50% are experienced.
To begin with, DEll maintains the original design. The Dell XPS 13 9560 Laptop has changed very little in almost three years since the launch of the first Broadwell model. We've seen some minor additions, such as the fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello and a USB-C port, but the basic elements with their ultra-flat bevels have remained virtually the same.
Some reviews that revolve around it, suggest that the design of Dell XPS 13 9560 Laptop is a little outdated and needs to be updated to remain competitive with other ultra modern laptops. Although, certainly the design is a little outdated, we do not believe that it needs to be updated since it covers all the needs of its gender.

When the XPS 13 was launched in early 2015, the innovative design was far ahead of the competition, offering a large screen in a smaller chassis. A couple of years later, the design of the Dell XPS 139560 Laptop is not what it once was, and it has the competitors practically out of the game, it's still pretty good and it stands firm against third-party offers. In fact, all other laptops are maximizing the real estate screen and minimizing the bevels. Compared to the Apple® MacBook Air 13, the XPS 13 laptop is 23% smaller with the same screen size.

In case you have not yet seen a Dell XPS 139560 Laptop model, we will tell you that it uses aluminum in the lid and bottom, plus soft-touch carbon fiber around the keyboard and trackpad. The two-tone design looks great, and feels great when held when closed thanks to the matte metal finish. The rest of the palm of the keyboard accumulates fingerprints quite easily, although it also feels very good when writing.

Dell is not super interested in making the notebook thinner or lighter, so Laptop Dell XPS 13 9560 has a thickness of up to 15 mm and 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) for the model with touch screen. This is a good option anyway, as it allows them to integrate a large 60 Wh battery and keep the total footprint small. Dell XPS 13 9560 laptop is still the smallest 13-inch laptop on the planet, which has the first Infinity Edge display that intelligently adapts to a 13-inch screen with virtually no borders, ideal for a mobile companion of facial placement in bag while it is in movement.

Energy savings: it is more efficient than ever in terms of energy consumption, enough to be ENERGY STAR® 6.0 certified.

Smarter materials: Built with the environment in mind, Dell XPS 139560 Laptop does not contain contaminating materials such as lead, mercury and some phthalates, is the most environmentally friendly in history, is also registered with EPEAT® Gold * and without BFR / PVC . *

Recyclable: bamboo trays that can be quickly renewed are 100% recyclable, so you will not have to worry about your footprint in environmental pollution. And an impressive 90% of the pieces of the laptop can be easily recycled or reused.

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