Dependence on video games will be classified as mental illness -


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Friday, 29 December 2017

Dependence on video games will be classified as mental illness

In 2018, the World Health Organization will classify video addiction and addiction as a mental illness. In each revision and edition of the categories of Mental Disturbances, specialists in the area of ​​Mental Health try to adapt and add new behaviors that deviate from the norm, to be considered as pathologies.

The World Health Organization will classify vice and addiction to video games as a mental illness.
We know that video games are addictive but until now, vice and addiction to video games, despite being so common and known in millions of cases, was not officially recognized as a pathology.

If you are a staunch gamer, you have certainly experienced some of the 'official' symptoms characteristic of this disturbance called addiction and video game addiction :

-The person gives priority to the vice of video games, feeling the need to always be playing to satisfy the vice, playing becomes the most important task of his day, neglecting other interests and daily tasks
- Sensation of pleasure and relief when you are playing, losing even the notion of the time you spend playing.
-Need to play for longer periods of time.
- Restlessness and discomfort when you are not playing or can not play.
-Change in basic needs such as sleep and nutrition
- Performance at work and school negatively affected
-Decreased time spent on social tasks such as going out and being with friends
-Lower self-esteem ignoring the negative aspects that this vice brings
-Lack of practice of sport, neglecting the image and sometimes hygiene.

In 2010 the specialists have been giving an alert about this dependency that was catching big and small each day with greater force, without getting much welcome from the fans and their responsible family members.

In 2018, this reality will change since the WHO (World Health Organization) proposes to locate vice and addiction to video games as a mental illness and therefore will become easier to recognize and identify symptoms, since disturbance will be included in the revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and undoubtedly part of the new revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Therefore, specialists in the area of ​​mental health, will have normative data and official symptoms of this disturbance, thus being able to create appropriate psychological tests to determine if someone meets the requirements to be diagnosed with vice disorder and video game addiction. When checked, an appropriate program can be implemented to work and treat that dependency or disorder.

Basically, this dependence acts like other dependencies (for example, toxic substances, sugar, gambling ...), since signals are emitted to the brain of the growing need to continue satisfying the desire to have that behavior.

Once the vice and addiction to video games is classified as mental illness in 2018, it will be included in the revisions of the manuals mentioned above.

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