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Monday, 18 December 2017

Deploy your strategy in Fire Emblem Heroes

RGP, role and strategy games are classic demanded by a large sector of mobile video game users. Therefore, today we dare with one that is not going to give foot or boredom or anything similar, we speak of Fire Emblem Heroes , a delight in terms of characters and illustrations. And it is that Nintendo is the one who develops it.

Fortune favors the audacious in this entertaining game

The game is about two kingdoms at war with a terrible confrontation. Players build their army by resorting to popular heroes that span the full spectrum of the Fire Emblem series. They will perform tactical battles to advance on the march and level up with a mix of new fighters and legendary heroes. Some characters will become allies, while others will become enemies who will not show mercy to you.

Players can enjoy the majesty of this tactical role-playing game on an iPhone screen without any problem. They will have to lead their armies with determination, but the controls are easy, just touch and drag, including the ability to attack. For this, simply slide an allied hero over an enemy and you will be able to strike him down . If you can defeat each enemy on a certain map, the victory will be yours. The heroes have been drawn by hand by an excellent team of illustrators for the occasion.

The game is free and enjoys excellent reviews in the App Store, so you should not miss in your games folder if you are passionate about this type of applications . Besides that, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste after each game and the list of heroes is abundant and varied , as well as the weapons they use.

Why do not you try it to entertain you this Sunday afternoon? 

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