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Friday, 22 December 2017

Do you know what is the worst password of 2017?

Today we need passwords for everything. We remember that when the internet started to move for the general public, in the mid or late 90s, the passwords were simple and easy to remember .

As the network of networks has grown, we need more complexity in our access codes. For example, when you set up your Apple ID it is the system itself that asks you to include a lowercase letter, a capital letter and a number . Still, they are not entirely safe.

Recently it has been made known to the public, what have been the most used passwords in the year that is about to end. It is surprising that those that we are going to refer now continue to be used .

The site Splashdata has released a list of the 100 worst passwords of 2017. And first of all could not miss a classic, the typical "123456" , which is a piece of cake for a hacker. Second, "password", password in English, something very obvious. Too much maybe. And if you were not happy with who had occupied the first place, in a meritorious third place of the table we find the devilish "12345678".

It goes without saying that a sequence of consecutive numbers is very easy to guess, the same happens with sequences of letters of keyboard, because also in fourth place we find "qwerty". Perhaps no one will take seriously the value of a password until it is found that you have lost an account of your social network , money in the bank or your email, often used to commit unlawful acts, such as scams.

That's why we remind you of some good ideas to have a secure password .

    It uses combined numbers and letters, interspersed with uppercase, lowercase and symbols .
    Do not use the same password for all your accounts.
    Never tell anyone or take it written on a paper in your wallet.
    The use of apps like 1password or the keychain of iCloud, allows the generation of safe passwords and that will be safe. 

What are you doing to be protected in the network? Not happy to know in comments.

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